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Thursday Run with Group Dinner


Memorial Park


7:00 pm
*Followed by g
roup dinner at 8:00 pm.
Dinner locations change each week, and are listed on the Events page.

Running Distance

3 miles (one loop).
For walkers, dist
ance is per your preference.

Meeting Spot

Our exact meeting point is across the street from the Memorial Park Stretching Area, by the toilets.

The nearest landmark is the Memorial Park Tennis Center (1/2 mile from the meeting area).

Using Google Maps to get there

On Google Maps, search for "Memorial Park Toilets" to find our meeting spot.

Street Address: 1401 W Memorial Loop Dr, Houston, TX 77007

Click here to navigate using Google Maps

Using Apple Maps to get there

Apple Maps does not have a distinct marker to search the meeting point.
You can click on this link to find the exact marker for the meeting spot.
Alternatively, search for "Memorial Park Stretching Area", and cross the street to head to the toilets.


There are various free and paid parking options.
Free parking can be found on the street all along East/West Memorial Loop Drive.
Paid Parking can be found in the parking lot adjacent or across the road from the Tennis Center, and costs $1.20 for 3 hours.

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